The smell of rain away from Earth.

The first generation of humans that will colonize planets and moons will have very difficult moments missing their home, our planet.

From sci-fi stories, we can assume ideas that will most likely get implemented: VR experiences of natural landscapes, high-definition screens that resemble windows to the outside world, and headphones playing the sound of a river with birds chirping around.

A greenhouse could provide the taste of fresh food, and a painted sky would gently calm the deepest fibers of our animal brain, maybe even with moving clouds if the investors are generous.

What about other senses?

A few months ago I was reading about terrariums and ended up with this story about a closed terrarium that has been sealed for 50+ years. Water is evaporated/condensed in an infinite cycle, and a similar process occurs with the oxygen/co2 produced (and needed) by the plant.

The concept was so interesting that I took a whisky bottle and decided to do one myself. That was around the end of 2020.

Two years later, the end result doesn’t look beautiful, but to my surprise, when I opened the bottle the smell of a forest kicked in immediately. During a brief spark, I can be surrounded by huge trees, rain, decomposed wood, ferns, and mud.

Thus to anyone longing for an adventure that takes you away from our planet, I’d advise considering taking along a bottle with the smell of Earth with you.

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