A day with my grandfathers

I met them both and I treasure memories with them, though they passed away when I was still a kid.

Now as an adult, I’m thinking about what would I do if I could spare one day with them.

With Luis, I’d ask him to play the guitar. He used to sing lovely Mexican songs that I didn’t appreciate back then when I was trying to learn Smells Like Teen Spirit. I’d be honored to be his student and play something together. I’d also like to ask him stories about his youth and how he came out of poverty by himself.

With Paco, I’d love to discuss politics, religion, economics, and psychology. I bet the Internet would blow his mind (I have two boxes full of magazines and newspaper clippings that he saved, and that’s just a little portion that wasn’t thrown away). He learned English using a dictionary and speaking with North American missionaries, and was a very curious person. I’m pretty I could even teach him a little bit of programming and he would love it.

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